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So… i emailed the Blaine brothers to get some information and research and making short films and am pleased to get a very informational e-mal back from them. The information i recieved has informed me about how they feel about working with children, what type of research do they do and how to they do it and information about security and what they do to keep their ideas from being stolen. The information i got will go into my short film assignment and also my research assignment.

Other research i have done is online, Itried to find some information about market research and production research but unfortunatley i couldnt find anything. I still need to get a book from a library, which i havent had time to do but will do very soon.

The short film assignment is going well. I have done my presentation but its on the college computers and i havent had time to redo anything that needs redoing or to send it to Steve.

I’m currently working on my research assignment and some of Sue’s work trying to get everything finished.. I’ll update again in a few days… ūüôā

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Oops.. didn’t hand the research assignment in on time.. That could be down to my laptop breaking.. So i’m continuing with it now, but i dont have a primary source… damn..

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Plagiarism is when someone uses another piece of work done by someone else without the right acknowledgement and passes it off as their own. ¬†If someone is quoting a piece of work from someone else then they must put a source for the work and put the quote in quotation marks. According to Midkent College‚Äôs policy, ‚Äútaking a piece of text and substituting some words and phrases with other words and phrases is plagiarism.‚ÄĚ At the college, major plagiarism in your assignments will result in a disciplinary procedure.

If someone uses some text from a newspaper, magazine, eBook or from a website on the internet, then it must be referenced. This means that they must put in the assignment that the text is from a certain source. You need to include the source that helped you write the assignment if you used one, this is called a bibliography. There is a certain guideline that the bibliography needs to be based on and that is the Harvard rule.

Here are the ways you should reference your work according to the Harvard rule.

Books – The reference to books must include the author, publication date, title, edition, place of publication and publisher.
Journal Article – You need to include the author, date, title of article, volume, issue number, page numbers for a reference for a Journal article.
Internet Page – To reference an internet page you must include the author of the website or the organisation that has produced the website, the title of the page and the URL and also the date you visited the site.

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Many books have been made into films, for example lord of the rings, harry potter, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.. But not all films have been similar to the books. The recent film Twilight is very popular and i was one of the many people who loved the film, but after reading the books i wasn’t much of a fan anymore. The film is great, but it leaves out a lot from the book.. Most people would think that’s fine and wouldn’t care much about it , but i’m a big fan of books, so its annoying for me to now watch the film. The next film in the Twilight Saga, New Moon was almost exactly like the book, the film is made more enjoyable for those who have read the books because it doesn’t leave out anything that’s important to the storyline.

Another series of films that are popular is Harry Potter. The films are very enjoyable but they don’t stay true to the book. The most recent Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, is nothing like the book and misses out a lot of very important scenes, so the storyline is completely changed, and that means that some of the fans wont enjoy the film as much as others.

Books haven’t just been made into films, there are some books that have been made into tv programmes, for example true blood, the show is a lot like the books but they have added in some characters and made the storyline a little different, but instead of leaving out some important scenes from the book, they show the information in different settings and with other characters that have been added in.

Another television series that has been made from the books is Vampire Diaries, the tv show has changed the book a lot, for example in the first episode they killed of a character that is important to the rest of the story. The tv show has also changed little details like the way the characters look and they have also changed some of the characters, for example the main character has a little sister in the books, and in the tv show she has a teenage brother. The show is completely different and because of this i couldn’t watch more than the first episode..

I love books and think that some of them should be made into films, but i think that if someone is creating a film or tv show from a book, they should keep to the storyline  and should only change little things..

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