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So… i emailed the Blaine brothers to get some information and research and making short films and am pleased to get a very informational e-mal back from them. The information i recieved has informed me about how they feel about working with children, what type of research do they do and how to they do it and information about security and what they do to keep their ideas from being stolen. The information i got will go into my short film assignment and also my research assignment.

Other research i have done is online, Itried to find some information about market research and production research but unfortunatley i couldnt find anything. I still need to get a book from a library, which i havent had time to do but will do very soon.

The short film assignment is going well. I have done my presentation but its on the college computers and i havent had time to redo anything that needs redoing or to send it to Steve.

I’m currently working on my research assignment and some of Sue’s work trying to get everything finished.. I’ll update again in a few days… 🙂

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Short Films Assignment… Not Going Well

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Well… i couldn’t find an e-mail for someone who worked on the pearce sisters, but now i know that i dont need to e-mail them and can talk to someone who works in animation.. this makes things better because i know someone who knows people who work in animation 🙂 but.. another problem has risen.. my laptop is broken 😦 and my pc is broken.. so i have no way of doing any research outside of college, and i now can’t e-mail any of my work i have already done, so i need to re-do my work 😦 .. oh well, things can only go up from here..

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Short Film Assignment

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I think that i should have looked at the film i chose for the short film assignment more closely… I’ve recently watched The Pearce Sisters, which i have chosen, and found out it is rather distubing.. The sisters are creepy.. and the short film is odd and a little bit disgusting.. but no going back now.. i have to do the presentation on this odd film..

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