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My Future Career :)

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I haven’t really thought about what career i want, but because of the assignment i have been set to chose a career path i now have to think about it more. So far i have decided that i want to work in radio. I find radio more interesting than filming, and enjoy interviewing more than filming. So, the path i need to take to get this career is to go to college and study radio and sound, and maybe even get a part time job working with radio or some type of interviewing.

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Short Films Assignment… Not Going Well

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Well… i couldn’t find an e-mail for someone who worked on the pearce sisters, but now i know that i dont need to e-mail them and can talk to someone who works in animation.. this makes things better because i know someone who knows people who work in animation 🙂 but.. another problem has risen.. my laptop is broken 😦 and my pc is broken.. so i have no way of doing any research outside of college, and i now can’t e-mail any of my work i have already done, so i need to re-do my work 😦 .. oh well, things can only go up from here..

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Plagiarism is when someone uses another piece of work done by someone else without the right acknowledgement and passes it off as their own.  If someone is quoting a piece of work from someone else then they must put a source for the work and put the quote in quotation marks. According to Midkent College’s policy, “taking a piece of text and substituting some words and phrases with other words and phrases is plagiarism.” At the college, major plagiarism in your assignments will result in a disciplinary procedure.

If someone uses some text from a newspaper, magazine, eBook or from a website on the internet, then it must be referenced. This means that they must put in the assignment that the text is from a certain source. You need to include the source that helped you write the assignment if you used one, this is called a bibliography. There is a certain guideline that the bibliography needs to be based on and that is the Harvard rule.

Here are the ways you should reference your work according to the Harvard rule.

Books – The reference to books must include the author, publication date, title, edition, place of publication and publisher.
Journal Article – You need to include the author, date, title of article, volume, issue number, page numbers for a reference for a Journal article.
Internet Page – To reference an internet page you must include the author of the website or the organisation that has produced the website, the title of the page and the URL and also the date you visited the site.

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