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Horror :)

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I love horror films 🙂

There are a lot of types of horror films, theres Sci-fi.. and gorey.. I love them all 🙂 Lots of people dont see the fun in watching horror films, because whats fun about getting scared.. but thats the fun of watching them.

My favirote horror film at the moment would be The Messengers. I recently watched it and although its a lot like some other horror films with creepyu dead things in them, its still fun to watch it..

I think that everyone probably like atleast one horror film.. Even if its a horror film that isn’t very scary..

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Many books have been made into films, for example lord of the rings, harry potter, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.. But not all films have been similar to the books. The recent film Twilight is very popular and i was one of the many people who loved the film, but after reading the books i wasn’t much of a fan anymore. The film is great, but it leaves out a lot from the book.. Most people would think that’s fine and wouldn’t care much about it , but i’m a big fan of books, so its annoying for me to now watch the film. The next film in the Twilight Saga, New Moon was almost exactly like the book, the film is made more enjoyable for those who have read the books because it doesn’t leave out anything that’s important to the storyline.

Another series of films that are popular is Harry Potter. The films are very enjoyable but they don’t stay true to the book. The most recent Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, is nothing like the book and misses out a lot of very important scenes, so the storyline is completely changed, and that means that some of the fans wont enjoy the film as much as others.

Books haven’t just been made into films, there are some books that have been made into tv programmes, for example true blood, the show is a lot like the books but they have added in some characters and made the storyline a little different, but instead of leaving out some important scenes from the book, they show the information in different settings and with other characters that have been added in.

Another television series that has been made from the books is Vampire Diaries, the tv show has changed the book a lot, for example in the first episode they killed of a character that is important to the rest of the story. The tv show has also changed little details like the way the characters look and they have also changed some of the characters, for example the main character has a little sister in the books, and in the tv show she has a teenage brother. The show is completely different and because of this i couldn’t watch more than the first episode..

I love books and think that some of them should be made into films, but i think that if someone is creating a film or tv show from a book, they should keep to the storyline  and should only change little things..

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