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I like watching trailers, if i watch one trailer i then have to urge to watch more, but there are a lot of trailers that have mislead the viewers to believing that the film is different to how it actually is. Some trailers show the film to be a certain genre, like horror, when its actually a completley different genre, like a romance. Other trailers show the best bits of a film, so theres nothing to look forward to seeing. There are other trailers that show the film to be a great film, when the film is actually terrible. One trailer that i think misleads the viewer about the film is Tropic Thunder. The trailer shows the film to be a funny action film about a group of actors who get lost in a forest, but think there filming for their new movie. From watching the trailer, i though it would be a great film, i thought that it would be hilarious, but when i went to see it i was very dissapointed. The film is not funny, and theres not much action, i also found that all the best bits where shown in the trailer. Another trailer that i’ve heard a lot of complaints about is Twilight. The trailer for twilight shows it to be a horror/action film with lots of fights and cool vampires, but when you watch the film, its more of a romance film about a vampire and human. These are some of the dissapointing trailers i have come across, but i still love watching trailers… 🙂


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